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Journeyman III

can 4500u or 4800H support fluid motion video tech?

They all have vega's gpu,Theoretically can support fluid motion tech.can any one else tell me this?

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Community Manager

AMD Fluid Motion and AMD Steady Video features are not supported and have reached end of life status.

Are they just EOL and forgotten or will they get a successor? I was using it on vega64 and I am not too happy to find out it's gone after the upgrade to 5700xt

No successor is planned.

Ok, thanks for answering.

Journeyman III

It can be used in theory, but it can also be used in practice, but according to the above engineer’s reply, it is estimated that the future gpu architecture cannot and does not intend to support it.

Had it not been for this feature, I would have used nvidia's graphics card.The official opengl bug under windows also pretended not to see it. The use of wine under linux is twice as powerful as under win. Anyway, there is no fluid motion video tech in the future. I will use nvidia graphics card.