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Journeyman III

Building with a 6800XT

I apologize for asking on a forum, but I am not the smartest cookie when it comes to technology. I have been wanting an upgrade from my current build (an RX550) to something much grander, like the 6800XT. I already have components in mind and mostly just need help knowing if everything will go together or if you guys reccomend something better.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB RAM

Ryzen 7 1700


Corsair RM1000x

I have a hard drive already, and I have yet to figure out the case for it. I am also aware the Ryzen 7 may have a hard time with the 6800 but since I already have one I would rather the bottleneck then have to spend more money. If you guys are also aware of how I can find a 6800XT, I would appreciate it, because I cannot find it on the website. Thank you.

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