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any relation between freesync and hz?

any relation between freesync and monitor hz? I bought a Samsung odyssey g3 Monitor. 3 times I need to claim the warranty due to display issues. 3rd time I asked for a replacement and they're giving a weird reason like the monitor supports only AMD cards for higher Hz. I use an Nvidia card the monitor gives only 60 HZ max. this command is from the Samsung service center. Is this true? 

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No idea about the G3, my G5 can run 144Hz Freesync on or off.

Download the G3 online manual, there is mention of Freesync, refresh rate settings.

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i think the freesync is not affecting the refresh rate.


I have same monitor. Just turn off Freesync. It will work fine. Are you adjusting the display settings in windows? Because otherwise you are not reaping the benefits of the monitor.

my Gpu is 3060ti. suddenly display turns to yellow color. if I change the refresh rate to 60hz the monitor is coming back. i asked the Samsung engineer and he said that this Samsung monitor supports only AMD cards because it has freesync. and the weird thing is that the monitor will not support a higher resolution in Nvidia cards. until before the issue, the monitor is smooth and supported 144hz.old issue.jpeg


Roll Back the driver. I found another forum where a similar issue occured with an update for similar monitor- People were scrambling to roll back the drivers.