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Adept I

AMD, we don't need "Day 0" drivers, please.



I feel like I speak on behalf of  every Polaris/Vega/Navi user when I say this - we don't really need "Day 0" drivers. AMD always pulls the trigger on being first with their "Day 0" drivers when a game release is around the corner unlike their competitors, instead it'd be better for the users if you guys hold up on the early driver updates and just work on stabilizing them and possibly releasing them (maybe with WHQL certification) at the end of each month, because who really cares for fast drivers if they're unstable? In short - Stable Drivers > Early Driver Updates


I'm really tired downloading and installing various different versions of the Adrenalin software to see which ones work the best on my card and which don't.


No one is in a hurry to play the latest games, please take as much time as you need in intensively testing the drivers before release so that the end user can have a better experience of their Radeon GPU.


Thanks for reading.

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You are incorrect. Team green does release "day 0" drivers as you put it. Red and Green teams are competitors, and new games are used to benchmark CPUs and GPUs. It's very much in their interest to compete at providing the best performance for the new games. All you have to do is read/watch one GPU review to understand why it is done.

You do not need to update every time a new driver is out, even if the driver is supposedly for a new game you want to play. It's kind of rare that new games will not work with older drivers, but it does happen sometimes, depending on driver version and game developer competence.