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Journeyman III

AMD ryzen 3500u Laptop super slow, stuttering and lagging on basic games.

Hi all,

My Dell laptop has been giving me issues since I got it. Its been really annoying.
For example even simple games like league of legends lag and stutter. I'm not sure if its even using a GPU properly.
ive tried to update my drivers from the website and update the bios and chipset drivers. but nothing seems to help. The dell update assistant says everything is upto date.

It lags and stutters etc etc. Ive tried everything. Not sure what else to do. The ram seems to be super slow at 300mhz. not sure why. The bios doesnt have any settings that can change the frequency etc.

The specs are: Dell 15 5585 - ryzen 5 3500u

it came with 8 gb, i added 4 more for 12. then i removed the 4 thinking maybe the mix ram was the issue but this did not fix anything.

Not sure if the laptops just a dud or something.


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