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Journeyman III

AMD Rewards not letting me log in

I'm trying to log in to the site and it's telling me that "A user with this email does not exist." I know it exist because I had issues activating and have Support Ticket ID: 518015 where I got help activating my account. I tried to remake my account, but it tells me that my number has already been used to make an account which is more proof that my account exists. I've logged in before when I redeemed Resident Evil 2 on steam as well. The current Support Ticket ID: 567344.

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Adept I

im having the exact same problem as you, i sent support ticket over a week ago and still havent heard off of them

Adept I

Same exact problem. When it did let me in i linked my steam account for resident evil and the game never showed up in my steam list either. They should just give us the code.


ive received the email telling me i can get dmc 5 and division 2 keys yet i still cant log in to my account to claim them, its so stupid i think its just a complete fix and we have been sold a lie


Other people have gotten the keys. The website is just bugged to hell and support takes like a month to reply to anything. They need to have phone support because this email system isn't working.


yea ive tried asking questions on every platform i could find them on and couldnt get an answer out of anyone