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Adept II

AMD is petty and hilarious

I just said one thing about how I wonder what inspires loyalty in customers when there are so many reported cases where people complain that they can't buy GPUs and LOL, I tried on Thusrday after 3 weeks and they are just blocking me from adding anything.


Now I didn't say anything untrue.

Their website really displayed the wrong price in the cart screenshots there.

They really did not bother to fix the issue.

They also didn't bother with a queue system very much either.

You won't really win over customers by banning and silence them and just keeping the sheeple really.


You win them over by proving u fix your issues like with Ryzen series for example.

Gosh man, you're being reeeal mature as an organization and staff by doing this and banning a customer from getting your products cause he's frustrated by the shortage or apparent lack of action.