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Journeyman III

AMD Adrenalin - Windows 11 - Unable to record in-game audio while in-game video is already recorded.

Hello AMD Community,

Need an assistance please. I would like to begin recording a short video and audio of my PC gameplays using AMD Adrenalin. The latest Adrenalin Driver is already installed. Version 23.5.2.

Refer to the screenshot below for the hotkeys:



So, I can successfully record in-game video by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + R key as shown in green above. however, the recorded video does not have the in-game music and SFX


How do I record the video and in-game audio simultaneously? Please do advise. Thank you.




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There is a recording page that lets you adjust bitrates and set microphone to BOOST or to record mic or not or to record audio or not i suspect. But it may be that game might have a unsupported audio codec is a small unlikely possibility. Or maybe your computer doesnt have audio codecs installed. If youre on a build of windows insider you may need to roll back to regular windows as sometimes its insider registry flags and 'diagnostics info and telemetry' doesnt get received so they dont let some functions and limit gaming performance like its unactivated or the ISO of some insider builds dont come with windows app store and other things by default.. also reinstall adrenaline and ensure no error codes on the FINISH button page. you may need certain visual C redistributables from microsoft website or the newest .net runtime. get all your audio/video codecs from microsoft corp on the windows app store most are free. also check your windows audio mixer and ensure your soundcard doesnt require you to select an audio mixer channel as the recording option.