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Journeyman III

Amd 7470 able to crossfire with other same graphics card

I am thinking about cross fire with 2 amd radeon hd 7470. But i don't know if it support crossfire or not. 

Note: card Vendor is dell.

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This website that shows all the AMD GPUs that are compatible with Crossfire and the HD7470 isn't listed:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png

Here is AMD CROSSFIRE Webpage:

NOTE: Crossfire is a obsolete or Non-supported AMD feature. It has been replaced by MGPU Technology (MultiGPU). Plus a game must support Crossfire.


Check on top of your HD7474 if it has a Crossfire connection or not.

Is there any specific reason why you would do this instead of selling it and buying a newer card? It is usually not the most efficient nor compatible idea to crossfire two cards that old.

I would strongly recommend selling it and buying another one that is on the price range of 2 7470s.


I don't know about all the RX series GPU's but I know to RX 500 series that support crossfire no longer require the bridge connector.

My previous GPU setup was 2 RX 590s now I'm running a single Power Color Demon RX 6900 XT. I will say this if you get one of these cards don't run anything less than a high quality 1000 watt PSU. These cards are a beast. My GPU average power draw is 345 to 375 watts with some spikes in gaming have capped out at 395 watts. I've heard some builds with custom design fluid cooling systems getting 420 to 430 watts power draw from their overclocked settings. Though I can't confirm the latter I wouldn't be surprised those gamers that play tournaments to make money build some serios rigs usually the same value of a fully loaded mid sized brand new SUV.  


The much older, before the RX series, GPU cards needed a Crossfire Bridge to work. Later on with newer GPU cards this was done via the Motherboard's PCIe slots.

Besides, Crossfire, is an obsolete feature and not supported by AMD or games any more. A game must support Crossfire to be able to work.

Beside I have read that Crossfire really doesn't improve that much performance in games as a single powerful GPU card.

Your right.

I did see increased performance from my 2 RX 590s but it was rather disappointing. only about 17% to 20% increase.

My last crossfire build that really screamed was 2 HD 7890s. I saw around a 60% to 70% performance increase.

After the HD series crossfire and sli really took a plunge.

Makes sense in the power efficiency area but its more cost to the individual builder or at least before the massive price increases it was the more affordable option.

My 2 RX 590s were about $280 apiece and that was just months before the GPU prices went up.