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Journeyman III

Always encrypted with secure enclaves on AMD

We are running SQL server 2022 enterprise  with  Epyc  7513 processors and vSphere  .  We would like to run Always Encrypted with secure enclaves but the only documentation we can find is for Intel processors. 

Any one have any information/solution for this on AMD?

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Always Encrypted seems to me is a Microsoft thing and has nothing to do with brand of CPU.  It's data storage security.

Are you running Microsoft or Linux.  Microsoft has a good tutorial at this link:

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Always encrypted is not processor dependent but secure enclaves is.  So the problem is that without adding secure enclaves the data in the always encrypted column cannot be computed.  

The only documentation we can find has to do with Intel processors. AMD has SEV but I am trying to find out if and how we can make it work with Always encrypted so that we can compute the always encrypted data.