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Journeyman III

8GB versus 4GB - how to confirm the REAL amount of memory

Hi, I'm new here. I just purchased a bunch of Sapphire Notro Radeon RX470 OC GPUs for mining and they are supposed to be 8GB cards. They were used from eBay, and came in 4GB boxes, but the serial number sticker on the actual cards "claims" these cards are 8GB GPUs. The thing is stickers might be faked, and I've been stung before purchasing a fake card on ebay where the BIOS had been tampered with to show it as having more memory than it really had. So although they might claim to be 8GB when I fire them up in linux, I can't be sure if they REALLY are unless I run something that actually requires that much RAM. Right now, Ethereum crypto requires 4GB. My 3GB cards stopped working years ago. I bought these because in April 2021, 4GB cards won't work. I can't wait until then to find out. I really need to know right now so I can either keep them, or complain to eBay. Can anyone suggest an experiment I could do (UNDER LINUX, NOT WINDOWS) to determine how much RAM is really on these cards? Thanks in advance.


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Re: 8GB versus 4GB - how to confirm the REAL amount of memory

You could always remove the shroud and look at the memory chips, which are the 8 chips around the GPU. If they read H5GC4H24AJR as their model, it's a 4GB. The 8GB should be H5GC8H24MJR. I imagine you would do this anyway to reapply new TIM to the GPU and pads to the VRAM to ensure maximum cooling.

You can try the following procedure in the Linux terminal, but the fool proof way is to just inspect the RAM chips.

Big Boss

Re: 8GB versus 4GB - how to confirm the REAL amount of memory

Could be the cards were not in the original boxes. I bought a RX 480 8GB from a miner and it surprisingly matched the serial number on the box. The vendor had 50 cards, I bought just one at $99 canadian. Vendor had the original boxes so I guess he took the time, some do not like the GTX 1060 I bought with different serial numbers on the box and card.

GPU-Z can tell you what is present. It's also even able to detect fake cards.