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Adept II

7800XT & Forspoken / Starfield performance !



Allow me to start by saying i have an decent med to high end pc builded a few months ago.

And i have to ask...  

Is there any one else having the kind of issue i will adress in a moment , and have recorded (see tube links below)

Link Forspoken (no butter!) 

Link Starfield (again NO butter only stutter!) 



So, as you can see in the tubes at specific spots in forspoken, i have HUGE → 1% Low fps drops wich causes massive stutter !!!

The same in Starfield... HIGH MAX fps yes, but terrible 1% Low = Stutter , NO bbutter... iam glad i still can see the humor of it =  ~_~ 


Now, here's the interesting thing....  currently this is happening on an R9 5900X + 7800XT + DDR4 3600mhz system for crying out loud.

When i replace the XT gpu for an much much Older and weaker RX480 .  I HAVE ABSOLUTE NO STUTTER anymore in BOTH games Starfield & Forspoken..

Fps average is still between 50 - 60 fps in forspoken.

Starfield between 45 - 50 ish  and both at 1440p / lowest settings my monitors native resolution 


I have done litterally EVERYTHING , bios settings, Registry hacks, disable all Sync ffeatures both in windows, driver & monitor (Freesync / DP = Adaptive Sync Compatible )

And final watched this video →  to "optimize" .

But to NO avail !!! 


Could it be that iam using an powerfull 7800xt on a B550 mobo instead of an X570 ?

Even though my mobo is an Gigabyte B550 Gaming X V2 and is capable to utilize ALL PCIe lanes (16x4) in Pcie 4.0 (gen4) mode according to gigabyte ..

Even tried to lower to Gen3 in bios  , but nothing SEEMS to help..

Only RX480 seems to work FLAWLESS with just ANY GAME..


Well, i have purchased an x570 .. wil know soon enough if thats the cullprit.

This is the new test mobo →


Well, the 7800XT does function properly in cyberpunk at Ultra/1440p , no huge fps drop = butter smooth silk !!

And that game is just as HUGE both in terms of Storage as in terms of Gameplay ..  so Could it be poor optimized games ?  Or still the mobo, since rx480 albeit with lower fps doesn't experience stutter lag as a result of 1% low fps !

Like Starfield + 7800xt 1% as low as 15FpS for god sake ... while RX480 Lowest measured 35 Fps !!!


I mean **bleep** ..!

MOBO : ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) / CPU: R9 5900x /GPU: 7800XT → RTX 4070Ti / RAM: 32GB DDR4 3600Mhz XMP/ SSD: Nvme ssd Pcie 4.0 / PSU: 850 Watt
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