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Adept II

6900xt Memory clock spike


Saphire Nitro + 6900xt

Since this Adrenalin version I have noticed some massive spikes in memory clocks. I can not seem to find them on any graphs but I am getting a max reporting of crazy numbers in programs like HWinfo and Afterburner. 


These numbers are ranging from 9k to over 11k for frequency 

I oc the mem to 2150 in Adrenalin and only use other tools for monitoring

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I actually had this weird glitch from the purchase date of my 6900XT (ASUS reference design), when GPU-Z would show a spike or two of a few thousand MHz on memory while testing. I think this is more of a software bug since if it did actually spike that high occasionally, it would hang/crash the system. 

No idea how and why AMD allowed such sensor glitch and didn't fix it yet. Probably like with a few other software issues they have, they're just too gosh darn lazy to even lift a finger if it doesn't straight out crash to hell. Why is it that AMD has such great hardware specialists but аss-backwards software team? 

Adept II

2150 mem oc is still getting stuck and I can not revert back to 2000.

This has been a problem since I received  my card