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Adept II

5800X3D - How can a better CPU make a difference in a non-CPU intensive game?

Hello Red Team,

I got the 5800X3D today to upgrade my 2700X. The rest of my build consists of:

  • ASRock B450m/ac R.20
  • G.Skill RipJaws V Series 3200 16Gx2 (speed was capped at 2933mhz with the 2700x)
  • RX 7600

In Diablo 4, with the 2700X I could run smoothly at high settings + balanced FSR. Now with the 5800X3D I can run smoothly at ultra + quality FSR. Both at 1440p.

Can someone explain to me how a new CPU would make a such a significant increase in performance in a non-CPU intensive game? I'm amazed and grateful for such an increase!

[ASRock B450m/ac R.20 | 5800X3D | G.Skill RipJaws V Series 3200 16GBx2 | RX 7600]
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Adept III

CPU architecture itself huge difference And IPS -> instructions per second, 3dcache also reducing bottleneck for some scenarios

Sorry, not to sound patronizing or something. 

I think you meant IPC, intructions per cycle or clock.

The Englishman

yeah  IPC bro my bad

Adept III

u should see even bigger difference 1080p coz its even more cpu bounded.