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3 Billion People Worldwide Are Gamers, and Nearly Half Play on PCs

A new report claims that 48 percent of all gaming happens on PCs, with a whopping 3.1B gamers worldwide across all platforms, consoles, and mobile devices. What’s interesting here is how the data breaks down across region and in terms of gaming spend.

Read article > 3 Billion People Worldwide Are Gamers, and Nearly Half Play on PCs - ExtremeTech 

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If by "PC" means both Desktops and Laptops then at least that indicates that Desktops are not dinosaurs and are not going to go extinct.

Last few years experts have been saying about how Users are not buying Desktops as much as before and that eventually it will go out of business.

There are still lots of laptop machines around, depending on the market segment some may be sold out.

My desktop on the other hand is a powerful machine with a lot of storage and lots of horsepower.

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Let me strengthen that for you. PC Gaming has been moving progressively raised with consistently. Regardless, it watches out for drop off a piece with the preface to spotless solace dispatches. In spite of the way that people that PC Game, PC Game and those that Console Game, Console Game, particular market divides.