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Journeyman III

2nd monitor feels laggy even at 60hz

Hi, Ive been running an all amd build for the past year and it has gone generally smoothly. As of recently, Ive noticed my second monitor being very laggy with it feeling like 10-15 fps. When I go into display settings on windows, it says its running at 60hz but definitely does not feel like it. For the time being, I have a temporary solution which involves setting the display to landscape mode and then flipping it back. That seems to solve the issue up until next wake up after sleep mode. I have tried unplugging it and plugging it into a different port, different, displayport cable, and so on. Nothing seems to solve it besides that for a short period of time. This started happening about a week ago. Hope there is a simple solution that I'm just missing.

Monitors: Msi g-273 1080p 165hz (primary), Generic dell office monitor 60hz (secondary and the one I'm having the problem with)

Pc specs: Ryzen 7 5800x, RX 6700xt, 32gb ram, 3tb m.2 storage, 750w psu, Aorus B550m pro-p motherboard

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What make/model PSU?

You could try running the program called DDU to remove all past/present drivers .. reboot . .and THEN install latest GPU drivers from website

Make sure you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from website as well

Good practice to run separate power cables from your power supply to each power input on your GPU

I treat my motherboard BIOS's like drivers and always keep mine up to date. (X470D4U, B550m Phantom Gaming 4, B650E PG Riptide, B650E Steel Legend)

Maybe run 

sfc /scannow

in a command prompt as admin to check for and hopefully fix any corrupted system files

Maybe run an offline scan with Windows Defender just to make sure you are not infected with anything 

Have you recently installed any software that might correlate with your recent issue?

I ran a similar monitor config with my 6700xt with a Samsung 1440p 27" 144hz, 4ms primary and an ASUS 27" 1080p 60hz and now currently with a 7900XT with no lag type issues

Prior to that I ran a 24" ASUS 1080p 144hz, 1ms primary and an Acer 24" 1080p 60hz on my old 5700xt .. never experienced laggyness on the 60hz monitor

ThreeDee PC specs

Update: After turning on my system today, it was my main monitor that has experienced the laggyness and the basic 60hz one was fine. I guess I could try to DDU it but I really don't feel like getting into that. If worst comes to worst, that's what Ill probably do.

I have the corsair RMe (2021) 750w psu