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Journeyman III

Will there be an updated FX revival on an updated socket?

I find FX to be quite an interesting processor and I would like to know if AMD has in mind any similar design to FX in the near future.

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It seems pretty clear from AMD roadmaps that there will be no new processors based on the Bulldozer architecture that the most recent FX processors use. Speculation: Mayyybe there will be one last FX83xx model to be made before production stops, and it would be 100 MHz higher than the FX-8370, but there has been no announcement, and so this is uncertain.

The FX branding has been used on and off since 2003, and so it is possible that there will be FX processors in the future, but they will not be like the Bulldozer architecture processors that are for sale now.

Thanks. Just wondering if I should save up for thread ripper or wait for another budget octa-core FX. Ryzen seems to be more game biased than FX, and I don't really care to get 1080p 60fps on every game I find.