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Adept I

Why dont ship in italy?

Its all day  i check to buy a readeon serie 6800/6900, and the site dont ship in italy....incredible....

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Adept I

Same **bleep** in Germany. "amdSI_STANDARD_5-7_BUSINESS_DAYS"... posted a message concerning this a few mins ago.
This is really the worst shopping experience I had for a long time (if not at all). I was wasting a lot of time just to get to know, that there are "Promo links", which enable you to buy without this shipping issue.

This Digital River shop really sucks. And the option is still active in the shop (see 3950X). Not sure if they fixed it meanwhile or if you would end up with the same experience today.


Didi you even see 6000 series as not "ausverkauft' after initial releae date?


It was available on the 6900XT release.

I missed the 6800XT because Firefox didn't work with the captcha check.

Then there were several 6800 but none of them could be shipped. I finisched the form with the creditcard but I couldn't get the delivery.