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What is your favorite video game soundtrack?

Hi all! It's almost impossible to pick a favorite soundtrack when so many games are backed by some great music, but I'd have to say my favorite older soundtrack is Donkey Kong Country 2. It's just so catchy and is super nostalgic:

A more recent soundtrack that I love is Forza Horizon 4! Not really a "traditional" video game soundtrack but it still counts. xD This is just one of the songs:

What are some of your favorite soundtracks?

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This is a great question and one that I never really considered. I can't say that these would be my favourite soundtracks per se - however, if I think of what soundtracks stand out for me it would be either of these two:


This is only due to playtime, I used to play these games so much when I was younger - and I just remember jamming out to the soundtracks consistently. Even playing little snippets right now for this post brings back a ton of nostalgia.

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I agree, its hard, each music has its own way.

If the times are quiet enough I will put NieR Automata's OST, all of them are just amazing.

But if you want some hardcore music for work, then its plain simple. Doom 2016 OST.

And lastly my honorable mention, good OST for Chill'ax.

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There's lots of really great soundtracks to choose from, but if I had to narrow it down to just one game I'd say Metroid Prime's OST. The entire sound track suits the game perfectly. There's something about Phendrana Drifts that I found to be especially captivating.

The Witcher 3

I used to just sit and jam to this. I would restart the game often just to listen to this song.

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Skyrim's ambient music hits different

Some really interesting and good selections in everyone's replies!

Can't believe I forgot one of my all time fave soundtracks:

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I've got quite a few so can't really pick one over the other. They all come from the late 80s early 90s Arcade/Mega drive era. 

I checked out a couple of your choices there @Matt_AMD and you quickly forget how amazing 8-bit music really was back in the day.  So many iconic soundtracks are made up of so little. 

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Absolutely, that era produced some great soundtracks considering the limited capabilities of the hardware. The composer Yuzo Koshira did amazing things back then.

Came here to say ME2. The entire suicide mission soundtrack is just jaw dropping imo. When I made the FTL jump to the collector base it was probably the single most epic moment I’ve ever experienced in a video game.


The Forza Horizon 5 menu music is very catchy and really suits the theme of the game in Mexico.

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I LOVE this question because it was a challenging one for me... I've honestly thought about it for days haha. 

The Hollow Knight soundtrack brought me really good vibes 



Also Mii channel music will always have a special place in my heart. LOL

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One of the best for the game style was UT

Favorite for some reason was always Chrono Trigger

I like the wind song, but there all here



another DOOM 2016's soundtrack mention 😎

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