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Adept III

What is your favorite game of all time? I'll go first

Hi all!

Another question for y'all - what is your favorite game of all time? It could be because of the story in the game, the game you played with friends, or you're just really good at, anything!

My favorite game of all time would be Diablo 3 - perhaps controversial, but it keeps pulling me back, and I have countless hours playing it. Mostly because it requires a lot of effort to make small gains, but it's fun all the while playing it.

Looking forward to y'alls reply!


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Adept III

Thanks for starting this discussion! It's always interesting to hear about people's favourite games and what makes them stand out.

Personally, I find it very difficult to choose just one favourite game of all time because I have so many different passions when it comes to gaming. The Starcraft series, World of Warcraft, and Ark Survival Evolved are just a few of the games that I absolutely love and have spent countless hours playing.

But ultimately, what makes a game truly great is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person. So, I'm looking forward to hearing from others in the community about their favourite games and what makes them so special!

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I can't believe I have not posted something here.

I even made a video tribute for it. System Shock 2


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Your article on the AMD gaming community forum brilliantly showcases your eclectic taste in games. The inclusion of Coin Master, Match Master, Monopoly Go, Family Island, and Board Kings demonstrates a diverse gaming palette. Your choices span various genres, reflecting a well-rounded gaming experience. Sharing these favorites not only adds vibrancy to the discussion but also provides valuable recommendations to fellow gamers. The owner should take pride in your contribution, as your insight enriches the community's understanding of different gaming gems. Your enthusiasm for gaming truly shines through, making your post a delightful read for all.

Journeyman III

The Destiny Franchise, even with all its problems, I love the setting of the game, and to me, the gunplay has to be the best feeling PvE I have experienced.

Adept I

Titanfall and Fallout 4.

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Adept I

Civilization 3 is my favorite. It's definitely very dated now, but I spent most of my teenagers years hunched over a computer in my kitchen playing I couldn't even tell you how many thousands of hours worth of it. There are a lot of games I've loved and many I think are objectively better, but none have captured so many of my hours.

Journeyman III

Everquest really brought online gaming into my life...been hooked ever since.  Classic wow is next...  nothing else has been able to keep that staying power with me.  

Adept I

Final fantasy 7 started it. Skyrim... and I'm a bit of a cod fan lol. Can't seem to pull away from that...



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Adept III

Infamous 2. It has very fluid movement and combat. I would say that it is still the best superhero game. I love the comic book cut scenes and character interactions that change depending on your karma level.

Mine is Unreal, got it before Half-Life. Only reason Half-Life isn't first. They both released in 98 the first year I got a pc as well. Then there was Diablo, Quake 2, Age of Empires 2, NHL '99 and Triple Play '99. Dang that was a good year.

Adept I

All time favourite has to be The Witcher 3. So much content and such a great story. Especially the Blood & Wine DLC I thought was beautifully done.

Also play tons of Arma 3 with a friend.

Hadn't played COD in forever and bought the latest one a while ago. That was a disappointment. Seems like a poor attempt at a console port.


God of Wars and Batman Arkham Asylum

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Quake / Doom / Duke Nukem were the first PC games i played, then went to Halflife / Counterstrike / Team Fortress, they were the days of playing via 56K modem lol, you were happy if your ping was 300. Then it was the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchise. I still play CoD4 as i think it was the best release, BF2042 is also a regular fixture but i do have intermittent issues with drivers crashing when i play and i also play Hell Let Loose which i think is just bloody awesome.

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I have fond memories of CoD4 - but my favorite is still MW2. 

Adept I

Gothic II

I also apparently speak on behalf of entire Eastern Europe.


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War thunder and Enlisted. Which happens to be the only game I play!!!😂😂😂😁😁

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Hard to come up with one favorite game. That is like saying which food is the best you have every had in your entire life.............well ok some might be able to. I would like to say I loved Command and Conquer and remember playing MP and that was my first time really competing in a tournament. Next I would say old school FPS would have been tribes. It was such a blast playing that game.  Now I just play whatever I feel like on the day such as COD, Diablo or some other game just to waste some time. 

Adept III

Doom, Doom II, Half-Life, Quake, and Starsiege: Tribes. 

I loved every one of those games.  When Tribes came out, I played it every day for almost 6 years, joined a clan or three, and then my brother and a friend of mine started our own clan, and we used to hold LAN parties in the Bay Area to play Tribes.  Those were the days!  😂

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Adept III

I should clarify one thing about Starsiege: Tribes...  It was when the "Shifter V1G" mod came out that the game REALLY became awesome!  😉

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Journeyman III

Elden Ring  (since January 2023)   plus   Grim Dawn  (since June 2023) ...

... because these are the only games that actually managed to pull me (I´m 65, living in Germany) away from Guild Wars 2, because until then GW2 was the only game that I've played passionately and consistently since its release in 2012, mostly with my daughter and my girlfriend and with many international in-game friends, thanks to Discord and Skype.

In terms of the basic game concept, Elden Ring and Grim Dawn couldn't be more different, but that's what makes them so appealing for me and the fact that the developers of both games did everything right for my taste and both games are extremely entertaining for me and offer me lots of fun with each new playthrough to play new classes and builds.

I've recently bought Baldur's Gate 3 because my daughter is totally enthusiastic about this game and we both have very similar taste in games. I've always been able to rely on her recommendations, even though I found out about ER and GD all by myself ... I haven't started BG3 yet, because I can't do everything at the same time and I have an exciting real life, which always comes first, but I'm really looking forward to this game and I'm curious how it will be ... my daughter has already suggested playing together in the multiplayer mode, I almost expected it and I'm looking forward to it too.

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Adept III

Final fantasy 11. I just love the grind. It was an excellent mmo.  Ff14 isn’t bad but I preferred 11 for mmo. 

age of empires was excellent as well. 

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