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What handheld PC gaming system are you currently using or looking forward to getting and why?

I personally have the Steamdeck, but I'm seeing some pretty cool ones that are coming down the pipes. Curious to know what everyone is using or looking forward to and why you like/ want it.

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Not 100% sure if this counts, but I recently picked up the Switch and have played it in handheld mode 😛

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What are your thoughts on the Steam Deck? My big thing with handhelds is... I rarely find myself in situations where I would actually game on it vs. a PC or console. Even if I do, I usually just play around on my phone... 😅

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I really like the Steam deck because it is a console first. The fact that it opens immediately in big-picture mode makes it super easy to start playing. Other handheld PCs are a PC first before they are a console. I find this annoying since I don't want to take extra steps. I just want to turn on my handheld and quickly get into a game.