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Adept III

What game are you currently revisiting?

Hi all!

I recently reset my Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign, and I am slowly progressing through it again. I am having a blast, reliving certain moments differently, and soaking up the entire story again.

What are some games you are currently replaying, or maybe an older game you only recently picked up?

Really curious to know!


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Good thread! Revisiting Red Dead Redemption 2 (the story campaign) sounds like something I might want to do. 😄 I'm not too far into it (maybe a few hours?) but have really been enjoying it.

I'm about level 150 in RDO and yeah, the story campaign really just hits different with the graphics (it looks so much better imo), music, voice acting, etc.

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I agree! I haven't really gotten into RDO, but I have 150h or so in the campaign. The post story is setup really well, so you  can keep going without it getting (too) boring. Highly recommended! 

Also Mech Warrior 5 is fun, though that's a game I really need to spend some time on to get into.

Adept II

Probably would consider that Mechwarrior 5 (got the game in full + DLC, and Game Pass for PC didn't include them when I first played it then uninstalled),

should go back to the Bard's Tale Trilogy as well.  Basically the same on a modern PC as it was on the Apple II!  (except better graphics now)

Adept II

Final Fantasy 12. I own the PS2 version never finished it, and now see it updated on Xbox Gamepass.

The story didn't grab me, but I hear it is good.

Adept II

I am trying to spend some time every week working through the Assassin's Creed series I am still on 1

Adept III

I haven't installed it but I have an urge to replay max payne.


RDR2 as well , but i first have to wait for a fix from rockstar since they messed up bigtime in their coding by mixing/switching the actual output display being used.

As many may know the game does not come on screen when both igpu and dgpu are enabled.

Using the windows feature to set the used graphics device, either power saving or high performance,

RDR2 chooses to use the other gpu as designated, so i got the game to run with both igpu and dgpu enabled but i have to tell windows to use the igpu (power saving settings) after which the game opens on the monitor connected to the dGpu AND it uses the iGpu to render with 3fps as a result.

If i tell windows to use the high performance option, the game just doesn't appear anywhere but is running in background, probally using the dgpu and trying to output to the igpu monitor which does not work for an inch. Rockstar messed up bigtime and after all these years didn't really do one iota to try and fix it because they don't seem to know what they were/are doing.

Since rdr2 is the only game with this behavior the problem is reported now to Rockstar and i am waiting for what they will do to finally fix their problem that exists since the game was released...

having to disable the igpu to make the game run on the dgpu and it's connected monitor was NEVER a solution but a very annoying workaround. Big tech bums all think they know what they are doing but never actually talking to each other out of pure arrogance like they know best. Bloody toddlerworld full of arrogant children who think they are capable when they are not.

Adept II

destiny 2

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I want to revisit Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

The Englishman

I really want to re-visit ARK: Survival Evolved. However, I know that I will just end up sinking far too many hours into the game and start to neglect all the other ones in my library. Including the ones that I am currently playing.

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I've been revisiting StarCraft 1 (OG, and will follow with Brood War). I played a ton of it in College, but never the campaign. I just finished the Terran part and am on to Zerg next. I figure I'm overdue to get the story, haha.

Witcher 3

The Uncharted Collection seeing as 4 and lost legacy are getting a pc and ps5 upgrade later this month.


Ark Survival Evolved and the Remastered Never Winter Knights.

Journeyman III

The Last Of Us

Roblox code Fruit Warriors

Journeyman III

Clash of clans is a game I revisit it after a long time.