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What are you playing today?

I called myself looking around to see if one of these threads exist. I didn't see one, but if one does, I apologize and the mods/admins can close this one! But it is as simple as the title thread! What're you playing today, or have been playing as of late? I've been trying to get stuck out of my way and try different genres I don't normally play. Sadly, it hasn't been going that well thus far, lol. So here is what I've been playing!

  • Apex Legends (PS4 - because my family and friends hate me and don't like playing in PC lobbies, lol)
  • GTAV: Online (PC)
  • The Division 2 (PC)
  • WWE 2K22 (PC)
  • Read Dead Redemption 2 (PC)

What about you? What are you diving into?


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  • Minecraft (~3-4x/week)
  • Age of Empires II Age of Kings (~1/mo)
  • Civilization VI (~1x/mo)
  • Muck (~1-2x/week)
  • DayZ (~1x/mo)
  • Bannerlord (~1-2x/mo)
  • Skyrim* (~1x/mo)

Intentionally haven't purchased many games in a long time ~2017-2019 to the beginning of this year, to focus my play money on gear for a 3-year build without diverting funds intended for other more important things.

I did get Far Cry 5? 6? For free with my GPU so I do intend to play that in the near future, I also got Cyberpunk on sale recently for ~75% off but I'm the type who won't watch a movie or read a book that is later in the series, so I have to buy and play through all of the previous versions before I'm going to let myself play FC, and am in no huge rush to play through Cyberpunk

I think the one game I will be likely to buy in the near future is Starfield when it releases, but other than that I'm going to be saving up for my next rig, when I have that budget saved up and waiting to go, I'll consider buying some new titles and playing them through I still haven't even played through RDR 1 though, so I've got plenty of catching up to do 😄

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@Justifier that's a lot of time in Minecraft! I used to play it on Xbox, but have dropped it since I got a PC. What do you? Do you build worlds? I would love to see some! 

Also, I have been tempted to try Cyberpunk. It just got SUCH bad reviews from when it first came out I've been hesitant. 

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I guess technically I do build worlds, but Vanilla Hardcore Singleplayer, so if you die in the world, everything ends. Takes a loooong time to build stuff in survival

My last world lasted ~850 hours, it was an RTX Bedrock Hardcore world, about halfway through it was when I got my 6900xt. Unfortunately it gets the same performance as my 2070s did with RTX on on that title, DLSS advantage is a bit much to overcome.

🤞for native FSR 2.0 (and smart access storage Would be one hell of a nose snub to Nvidia users to have instant chunk loading if you had a Radeon card, that'd be one cool af debut) support for both versions in the near future. This example of the quality gains if nothing else merely by using FSR 2.0 in a Minecraft setting make me wish we had it desperately lmao. I know that's not actually in a Minecraft world, but still, it's amazing to see the quality bump

I did swap over to Java to juggle between the versions of the game per death, but that world lost ~50 hours of gameplay after my M.2 died (twice, RMA replacement failed within 2 weeks of receiving an RMA -- swapped it out for a 1tb WD Black 850 out of frustration the 2nd time and cut my losses)

Been trying to get back into it but I've been pretty busy lately, and lost a lot of motivation between the first world loss, the hardware issues and the 50 hours of gameplay lost

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Eeee I love this post! Also, I think a new post like this is good over time because people's answers could change. 🙂

For me, I only play on PC (sometimes Nintendo Switch) I'm sadly still playing League of Legends almost every evening. Sometimes it's just a game or two but I pretty much play it daily. 

A new game I've gotten into is Stray. If you like strategy puzzle-type games, this one is for you. I left off on a hard part  I  got stuck on and haven't had the courage to dive back in yet aha. 

If anyone is into Nintendo Games, let me know and I'll give you a list of things I've played/tried 🙂 

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Adept III


Timberborn  and The Planet Crafter 

Adept II

I have super weird taste but as of late I’ve been playing

phasmophobia~ for the social aspect it’s kinda like a game equivalent of ghost adventures

digimon survive~ just came out and I love vns 

Halo mcc~ I usually chill out to this one idk why swat and snipers relax me.

Angel of death~ Saw the anime for this game and recently beat it surprisingly enjoyable.




"what are you going to play tomorrow?"


".. how about next week?"



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We did have this, but just like @Amber_AMD said it's good to have it refreshed!

Right now I've been playing lots of Deep Rock Galactic, and just recently played a little Destiny 2. My main game which was World War 3 has gotten a little stale while waiting for an update so it's been pushed to the back.

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