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Adept I

Waiting list for a 6900XT?

Is there one? I have a 5800X and C7H motherboard ready for an upgrade, but wanted to do a GPU at the same time because I have a custom hard piped water cooling system. Was hoping to get on a wait (pre-order) list here at AMD.

Been about 4 years ago that I left AMD (after 20 years) for Nvidia but would like to do a completely AMD build again.

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Adept I

There is no waiting list.

You better prepare yourself for a fulltime job chasing one down 😉


I don't even mind paying extra as I'm replacing a pair of Waterforce 1080ti cards which are sell for a grand a piece. I've called on a couple Craigslist offerings but there were just too many red flags.


Yeah F5 is your best friend or just buy a Bot to buy you one. I try to get one since months and I'm frustrated because I didn't get anyone. I got a lot jn basket but payment never finished... Now AMD is changing the time and weekdays of dropping new cards so there is even less chance for me to get one.

AMD doesn't do anything against Bots but Nvidia also not and there's no other alternative for gpu... So frustrating. Even the midnight version was sold in normal AMd Shop with no bot protection so I could bet that most cards goes to scalpers instead of red team members...