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Adept I

VR problem with RX 7900 XT with Oculus Quest 2.

I have performance issues with an RX 7900XT in VR with my Oculus Quest 2 headset. 


19 fps on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR when I'm on the ground. And as soon as I start flying, the fps drop even more.


When I take off, it lags a lot, there are also tearing effects, sometimes I even see black stripes appearing on the side of my vision, which then disappear and come back from time to time.


Even with the OpenXR tool, which is supposed to give extra performance, nothing moves about the performance I'm getting...


VR Chat is the same, I get lag quite often...


I saw that on the application of my Oculus headset that there is a blue banner showing me the message "Your computer doesn't meet the updated minimum specifications which can lead to a poor experience in VR".


Knowing that I own :


I5 12600k

RX 7900XT

32go ram 3600Mhz DDR4.

Corsair RM1000X 


Not to mention that I'm planning to change everything very soon, and get a Ryzen7 7800x3D, an AM5 motherboard and DDR5 ram.


My PC is far from not having the specs I need.


I've just noticed that the 7000 series GPUs aren't compatible with the Oculus application.


So I'm wondering if this is in fact the solution to my problem?


I'm hesitating to get another VR headset to see what happens.


I'm in total despair, since yesterday afternoon, I've been trying out all the possibilities open to me, modifying every graphical parameter in Microsoft Flight Simulator to see if there's any change, I've been trying to manage with Steam VR, I've tried the Virtual Desktop alternative, but it doesn't change anything, I get even worse (16 fps).


So I wanted to know if someone could give me a hint, a hypothesis as to whether it's the fact that the Oculus application doesn't support the 7000 series that's causing the problem or not.


Or if it's simply driver problems. Knowing that I've got everything up to date, drivers, bios, Windows etc. etc.


In any case, I think it's a shame that more than 1 year after the release of the 7000 series, Oculus hasn't made the 7000 series fully compatible...


I apologize for my poor English, I tried to make an effort.


Thank you.

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Journeyman III

I've been having issues with VR since the newest driver came out. I am on a quest 2 using air link and virtual desktop and its been similar issues on both. Terrible stutter and video cutting out but it still is has tracking data and audio to my quest. The oculus PC app has not been updated for a while and rx 7000 say that they dont meet the requirements for VR for a long time (I have a 7800 XT) and I think this is both AMD and Oculus' fault for this. AMD broke VR with the latest drivers and Oculus has been neglecting its PC app for a long while now. It has really been quite crappy for me. I have orderd a 20ft USB C to A and will see if this fixes anything.


Forgive me for replying a little late, I've been away from home for 1 week.


This evening I downloaded the new AMD drivers, launched the Quest Link and now... every time I move my head, everything moves in all directions, graphics cut off everywhere, elements separate from others etc. I'm trying to go back to the previous driver, the 23.12.1.


So I try to go back to the previous driver, 23.12.1. Still the same thing... whereas 2 weeks ago everything was fine...


After paying over 850 for a RX 7900XT 20GB graphics card, it's a shame to offer this kind of service to customers... it's getting to be a lot.


I'll end up selling this graphics card and going elsewhere... far away where there don't seem to be as many problems.


Right now it's unplayable in VR, I paid for a graphics card that I can't play VR with.


It's a shame... a big shame...