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Adept I

Vega Frontier undervolting/overclocking

I read everywhere that it's possible to undervolt and/or overclock Vega 64 and 56 using WattMan; I tried to install newest Adrenalin drivers, but they "magically" turn into Radeon Pro drivers, hence no WattMan at all...

Tried also MSI AfterBurner and, even if settings are there, whenever I try to change them, when I press the "apply" button, they revert to default...

Also, OverdriveNTool does not work with the latest drivers and, using it with older drivers seem to even worse overall performance!

So, any thoughts?

(Not that overclock and undervolt are much needed now - with latest drivers, the performance and power consumption are quite good - but, you know, 'Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.'

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Adept I

Made my homeworks, and found the answer!

19.Q1.1 Drivers not recognizing driver eligibility during installtion (Frontier Edition) 

Must add this mini guide for the ones who got two Vega Frontiers (like me):

  1. first of all, clear any previous video drivers with AMD CleanUp or DDU
  2. switch off, disconnect secondary GPU, switch on
  3. install 19.Q1 February 5th (which is no longer available from AMD, but I uploaded here) with Driver Options
  4. install and switch mode to 18.9.3 Gaming Driver
  5. then custom install Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.3 March 20th (for Vega 64) on top of it (not a clean install)
  6. switch off, reconnect secondary GPU, switch on
  7. install Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.3 March 20th (for Vega 64) on top of it (not a clean install)
  8. you end up with the Radeon Pro again; switch to the latest gaming drivers (not necessarily 18.9.3, mine was 18.8.1 here)
  9. install Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.3 March 20th (for Vega 64) on top of it (not a clean install)

Everything should work now!

This did not work, once I installed 19.5.1 drivers and tried to revert back to either 18Q4 or 19Q1 drivers, the pop up when you select custom install for the Driver Options Menu never comes up. Thus I cannot load any gaming drivers with the Vega FE with the Pro Drivers installed. This is with a single Vega FE, I too have two Vega FE's and use to install the Pro Drivers with one card, get the options menu and then install the second card after the gaming drivers or at least one were installed.

No matter how many times I used DDU, AMD uninstall - the Driver Options pop up would never become available. I even installed my Vega 64 LC with 19.5.2 and then put a second card, a Vega FE - yep, with the Vega 64 LC in first slot, all monitors on the Vega 64 LC - The Pro-Settings became active without any Wattman, nor will any of the OCing utilities work. 

I bought these cards for the Pro support, gaming support and Mining support which were all supported. I cannot even remotely mine now with either Vega FE, gaming has been degraded. So now my main machine has a Vega 64 LC which is working very good but am missing out doing faster Pro Renders. 

With that very intentional course of action that AMD took disregarding what they said the Vega FE and who it was for - the Vega Vii would be the last card I would recommend with this level of intent and record. I will just go back to Nvidia Pro Cards as needed where you don't have to play musical driver switches and be able to game, OC, Mine, Pro work etc. The cost of not having a flexible working card is way more than the current cost that Nvidia charges. AMD blotched the whole Vega FE from launch to now. Maybe they just want to forget their failures in delivering a worthy content creator card where the content is gaming as well except now they just slapped everyone that supported them in this endeavour.

You can't tell me the Vega FE can't support the features - it virtually had no issues supporting any of the gaming drivers. Now you have No Chill, No Enhance Sync, No Wattman,  No Frame Rate Target Control, No Performance Monitoring (kinda useful for game creators) and the list goes on yet AMD gleefully tells you can load the current gaming drivers for most up to date games but without all the useful gaming features???

This also affects all the Pro Cards, why would any game developer, even bother with any of AMD's Pro cards would be my question. Anyone who does pro work and games (who doesn't these days?) better look elsewhere.

Ouch, sounds like fun!

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Always nice when somebody lists how they fixed their issue!!!  Glad everything is working for you now!

Journeyman III