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Journeyman III

Truly disappointed

Hi everybody. Last month I posted a message that I would like to reiterate in some different phrasing and pose some questions. It was originally about the Ryzen 5000 series APUs.

"Greetings to all, I'm new to posting here, but I would really appreciate a way to give AMD feedback directly. I have been tracking the potential release of 5000 series APUs for months now, as I am building a desktop PC for my dad. Today I learned that, once again, AMD has decided not to release these processors to retailers and the DIY community. I am grievously disappointed in this corporate decision. I have been a supporter of AMD after having become familiar with their tech years ago, which I prefer to their competitors. Today, however,  I feel like the DIY community and budget gamers have been slapped in the face. Why would they not release these processors to the DIY community, especially now? Graphics card prices are insane due to booming crypto currencies, Covid 19 has damaged production and availability of many components, and tariffs are adding 25% to the cost of even more. Demand for PCs and compnents has been much higher than average over the last year, and bots and scalpers have raided what's actually available. It would seem the perfect time for a little relief, but no... 

 I suppose it was my own naivety for seeing this tech producer as something other than just another empty, soul-less suit leadership, invester only oriented, consumer bilking, grey corporate entity. I wanted them to be more than that. I was a fan of their innovative technology, underdog status, and pricing which helped people who are working poor, like me. They felt like a noble and cool alternative. I was rooting for them and I bought their gear.

Their moves of late, however, have felt like a swift departure away from what I perceived as their roots. Like a gut punch of disappointment and disillusionment, but I guess that's my own fault. I shouldn't have let myself fall for such notions pedelled by AMD marketing, tech writers, and other supporters. I felt like I was just another stupid fan boy, foolish and childish. I willed myself to see more than was really there. It was truly dissapointing and affected how I assess things now. It's such a pity because AMD could have been what I felt they were, and more. They could have been something special, but the truth is there is no "Team Red", only "Team Green."

Does anyone else have similar feelings about AMDs trajectory and decision making? Am I completely wrong here? Am I missing something? Perhaps there are other reasons I've not considered? Do you think that AMDs future is to emulate Intel's as far as behavior when on top, or in terms of profits alone guiding the engineering? Let me know what you think about any or all of this. I am interested in the perspective of others.

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According to this Tech site article, for now AMD 5000 Series APU are for OEMs only but AMD does stress that these same 5000 series APU will come out for Retailer to sell later on in the year:

Screenshot 2021-05-18 234510.png

Screenshot 2021-04-30 164028.png

So unless some unknown situation arises where AMD might need to delay the Retail Release of the 5000 Series APU they should start appearing for sale before the year is out.

Just need to be patient or purchase a OEM PC with the new 5000 Series APU and adapt that PC to your liking by upgrading whatever parts you believe needs to be upgraded for gaming.