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Journeyman III

Tips on finding a Ryzen APU for a reasonable price?

Hey everyone so I'm a building a PC for emulation only but I'm a noob when it comes to finding parts during the chip shortage. I was wondering if anyone had any tips as to how/where to find any Ryzen APUs for a reasonable price, i.e. retail or slightly above retail. I'm open to any Ryzen APUs but I've been leaning mostly towards the 3200g which is selling for almost double retail anywhere I find it in stock.

Apparently Best Buy was in stock with them online a few weeks ago before I planned the build. I just have no idea when they'll be come back in stock or where else they'll be in stock.

If anyone has any solutions for how to set up alerts through my phone (iOS) that would really be appreciated as well. Someone had suggested to use NetNewsWire and use a Reddit search as an RSS feed but it simply does not notify me at all and I don't know why.

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