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Thoughts on souls-type games and difficulty?

Elden Ring has made its debut and to say that it's already popular is an understatement. Naturally some of the conversation has been focused on the difficulty of the game, which falls under the category of the souls-type genre, where characters may be slow, the monsters damage too much, etc. 

As a person who considers themselves a fan of more "casual" games (life is already too difficult - I don't want to spend my time playing difficult games lol) but who also enjoys a good story and otherwise good gameplay, it's got me wondering: what if souls-type games had a difficulty setting for those who don't want to - or possibly can't (due to physical limitations) - play at the "base" level difficulty that's currently offered?

I'm not totally advocating for this necessarily - I understand the "point" of the genre is to be difficult, and the developer's vision is also important to take into consideration. Just something interesting to think about. 😊 Curious to hear if anyone has any thoughts about this!

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I'm not the biggest fan of Souls-Type games, but it might just be the Souls Series in itself that I don't enjoy.

I remember playing Ninja Gaiden when I was growing up, and that one has a high degree of difficulty, yet I played it, finished it and enjoyed it.

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I am not a gamer but do enjoy playing games.

But personally if any game is too complex or difficult to learn it isn't worth playing simply because it isn't fun any more.

Or you need special hardware (Complex Joystick or console) to be able to play the game efficiently.

I enjoy games that has a plot and story line and you act as a detective finding clues or ways to defeat your enemy. But If I have to spends several hours to just get the feel and learn the game it just isn't fun anymore. It is more like work except you are not getting  paid.

A couple of old games I really enjoyed because it had a plot and story line and wasn't too difficult and easy to learn with then very good graphics was Battlezone II & Quake II and most of the Hidden Object Games (Last 2 -3 years).

Its difficult to me to say something about the game, playing RPG's is something that needs to be fun to me.

If its too much of a challenge, it will become frustrating to follow thru the end, specially being a PC Port I believe, where most people will use a controller instead.

I had a similar experience with NieR Automata, a PC Port RPG.

Without a Mouse+Keyboard mod I was having a hard time getting past the very first level even on normal difficulty 😞 So frustrating, I almost quit for good.

With a community mod (NAIOM) I could finally enjoy the game and even raise the difficulty setting to hard.

Games need to have various difficulty settings so everyone can enjoy the game.

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