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Journeyman III

Some question about AMD Graphic card and Gaming


Got 2 questions about my graphic card 6900xt fe.

I'm very satisfy about this card but have some problem.

1 : In Apex legends got problem of texture for the green bush (the bush make line of black when i watch him) , where can i send information of this problem for amd for solved it or they don't care ??

2 : When I have a Nvidia card I have something who call shadow play this thing can save my different action when i play like a buffer memory ( if i don't save the action the little video of 20 seconds was delete) thats avoid too record a full gameplay for make a montage ..... so my question is if Amd gonna do something for that or if you have an alternative of that.

Gonna ask when they correct the information of performance when you play in 2K (little screen of information impossible too read) but they gonna correct that i see that last patch.

thanks for reading that and apologies for my horrible english.


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