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Journeyman III

Rx 580 8gb Dual monitor problems

So both of my monitor ... While gaming on big games like ...Rdr2 or Bf1 or GTA5 ... I get some weird lines on both of my monitors while gaming  ... For example While i play rdr2 some lines go down my monitor ... And they are intense ...But while i play smaller games like among us those lines don't appear ... Even in CSGO i get those lines but not like in rdr2 ... In CSGO they are not so intense....I've tried all the methods that i saw on the internet but nothing works ... If some1 know what is going on pls help me !!!

PC specs:

GPU- RX580 8gb

CPU-Ryzen 3 2200g 

RAM-16 gb hyperx 2400mhz

HDD-Western digital 500g 7200k rpm 

PSU-500W Njoy

Motherboard- AsRock Ab350 Pro4 AM4

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What all has been done so far to fix the issue?  Has this issue always been happening or is this a new issue?

A few basics to get out the way:

  • Make sure your chipset driver is installed
  • Make sure both monitors are hooked up to the RX580, and not one going to the 2200G (motherboard)
  • Run DDU and reinstall the RX580 driver with factory reset option during the install