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Rx 570 Settings for gaming and possible upgrade suggestion

I reached out to Red Team , I was struggling to get good

Performance from my xfx rx 570.

Thanks for all the Advice. 

I recently upgraded to Asus  Crosshair 7  hero WI fi .

With The Ryzen 9 3900 x  32gb of ram 

Very Happy with my purchase, Just hoping for a proper settings 

Guide using rx 570 for gaming and possible upgrade suggestion That is

Future proof Should I wait for new tech that is coming??

Although the Rx 570 is performing better than before I still get some issues lag

And stuttering on low settings

v sync and free sync are disabled in radion and game .

Any help would be appreciated 

Mark M. Klein 

Ps. I also realize video card is maybe bottlenecked the performance.

2 Replies

Re: Rx 570 Settings for gaming and possible upgrade suggestion

XFX RX570 is very underpowered compared to your other specifications.

Hold off for as long as you can before buying a new GPU.

Nvidia will launch next Ampere series. They will likely push AMD RX5700XT down at least 1 performance tier.
They are expected to be ~ 30% faster than Turing cards at same product level.
AMD RX5700XT not very impressive and the AMD drivers are still unstable and the Adrenalin 2020 GUI is a mess.
I have to run Hybrid Adrenalin 19.12.1 GUI/UI + 20.5.1 drivers.

Likely prices for AMD RX5700XT will have to fall.
There should also be a Navi 10 refresh soon.

As for Big Navi - if you are going to be an early adopter when it launches, good luck with that.
You are likely opening yourself up to at least 1 year of driver hell.


Re: Rx 570  Settings for gaming and possible upgrade suggestion

If you want to game with AMD hardware you should probably buy the next generation XBOX.