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Adept I

Returned to Team Red after a long time

Hello all. 
I’ve just purchased a new gaming PC and returned to Team Red after a very long time (25+ years)

I went for the 7800X3d on the advice of a friend because my PC is purely for gaming and I’m happy to say that I’m extremely impressed with it. 

I decided to join the AMD community for two reasons, 1) to stay in the loop with regards to all things AMD and 2) to seek advice on a new GPU (I was ready to push the button on a nice TUF 7900xtx and convert fully to Team Red but an article I read stopped me, but that question is for a future post when I work out where it should be posted)

For now I just wanted to say hello

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Adept I

Hi welcome to the Amd family 

Community Manager

Welcome back to the Red Team, my friend! We're always happy to see Red Team members come back after a break. What did you end up upgrading from to that 7800X3D? 👀

Adept I

Thank you 

My old PC was based around an 8600k

My new one is based around a 7800x3d, ASU’s TUF x670e Plus Wi-Fi and 32Gb 5600Mhz Corsair. The rest is pretty much all Corsair - 4000x case, H100 Icue cooler with LCD cap, RMx 850 and Solidigm P44 Pro NVMes.
It’s quieter than a mouse, runs cooler than a cucumber and fits my gaming requirements perfectly. As long as AMD produces this type of gaming dedicated CPU I can’t ever see myself going back to Intel.

I kept the 3070ti from my old system as it’s probably still good enough, but those 7900xtx’s look so nice……if I can just get to the bottom of the Quest 2 VR issues it has/ had I’d get one today. 

From  what I’ve read, AMD patched out the VR issues a couple of updates ago, but from something else I read those issues didn’t affect the quest 2 - it only affected VR systems that plug into the GPU. The Quest 2 issue is apparently to do with Metas  decoder drivers ( Im not a software engineer so I didn’t really understand it) There’s a YouTube video titled “AMD has done their part, now it’s up to Occulus/ Meta….”

I think the video infers that if you run games through Virtual Desktop the issue goes away, but I’m no expert and could be misunderstanding him. 

The Quest 2 is a popular VR headset, and its performance can vary depending on the hardware and software used. Running games through Virtual Desktop can sometimes provide a smoother experience because it allows you to stream VR content wirelessly from your PC to the headset. This can help bypass some issues related to direct GPU connections.


Volunteer Moderator

Welcome back to the Red side!

Adept III

Welcome back!