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Journeyman III

Radeon RX 6000 series hardware video encoding

Im wondering if anyone that was able to grab a RX 6000 series card could report on native video encoding, im specially interested because a own an oculus quest2 and the way that the pc sends the video to the headset (USB3 oculus link cable) is video streaming, and i suspect that the graphics card hardware encoder is related to the quality of it.

Video compression artifacts / smudginess can be seen in fast paced games with any texture detail (in my case is easy to spot dirt rally 2 VR, but not in half life: Alyx) (I own at this moment a geforce 1080 and im looking to upgrade)

I readed that nvidia improved their hardware video encoding in the 20 series and the 30 series keept that same level, the question is if AMD video hardware encoding in this new series is competitive to that.

I own a nvidia shield to stream games from my pc to my living room tv, and works pretty good with the steam link app, so that is another scenario where hardware encoding with raduced latency is a plus for me.

I would appreciate any knowledge about the topic, since im thinking to match my ryzen 3600 with a 6800 XT when is possible,


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Adept I

I have not purchased a 6800 series card - I’m targeting the 6900. However on this particular subject, Brian Stroh from the BPS Customs YT channel has stated on his 6800Xt performance review video the hardware encoder of the 6800 card is underperforming the competition. His video can be found on the following link:

Journeyman III

i believe oculus quest2 uses H.265 (HEVC) which AMD is actually quite good at it.  I think AMD hasn't put enough work into H.264 as they wrongly assumed it would be phased out by now.