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PSU : Rosewill Photon 850


   I reached out to Rosewill to see if they would be interested in having me take a gander at the Photon 850 because I've been using their PSUs for some time. I have to stay that I'm honestly really impressed with how quiet and efficient it is. With 80+ Gold certification, a 5 year warranty, being fully modular and the price floating around $100... you can't really beat it. It's a Sirfa platform modified by Rosewill engineering to give it some more performance to price. Haven't heard of Sirfa? They, like Super Flower, Seasonic and a few other OEMs manufacture most every PSU on the market. Sirfa has been around for over 20 years and they know how to build a solid AC to DC power supply.

   To be honest most power supplies with the 80+ Gold rating are going to be within one to five percent efficiency of each other so when I found my current clamp to be dead I wasn't too worried about a review. Lower tier or non-80+ certification would require wattage testing per cable but that isn't going to be the case here. The only thing that's really needed to be known is price and creature comforts. 

   Rosewill has positioned this unit in a competitive spot since an 850w power supply is a pretty common item given the price and flexibility for upgrades and power hungry systems. EVGA and Seasonic both produce units in this range and some are fully modular if you want to throw an extra $20-$50 at your rig.

Given that I've been running high wattage (1000w+) Rosewill power supplies for some time I'd highly recommend folks at least take a look at what is bring brought to the table:

A great price to wattage ratio.

A five year warranty.

80+ Gold certification.

Fully modular units.

Extremely awesome customer service.

So if you have a machine with a 650w power supply and you're complaining about instability and poor performance with your Vega GPU... maybe you should have bought Rosewill.

Cables and accessories :


1 Power Cable

1 CPU 12v


1 Molex


2 16 pin PCIE (6+2)

1 ATX 24 pin

Small bag of tweezers

Mounting screws

Cable Storage Bag



 Amazon $109 :

Newegg $109 :

PC Parts Picker $115.98 :


Just as a heads up! This product was provided to me at no cost by Rosewill. With that said - these are my opinions. Rosewill power supplies are honestly some of the best parts you can get! Thanks for the DMs in Discord about how this PSU performs and if you can have it! You can't!  I like my Rosewill parts too much!

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