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Adept I

Novice III

Wondering if there is certain criteria to "level up" from Newcomer to Novice III etc.

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I'm not sure of the levels, and how you progress through them specifically - but from my own experience I can assure you that participating in conversations, giving likes where possible and starting topics will generally get you out of Newcomer in an appropriate amount of time.

Besides, you might come for the giveaway - but you will probably find a fun community worth staying in!

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Hi, all!

Thank you for the feedback regarding ranks. As @Sam_AMD mentioned, we’re here to listen and make improvements, so your input is greatly appreciated. I’m working to create some documentation to help provide more insight into the ranking system. For now, here is some basic information:

  • There are a total of 20 ranks.
    1 Newcomer
    2 Novice I
    3 Novice II
    4 Novice III
    5 Journeyman I
    6 Journeyman II
    7 Journeyman III
    8 Adept I
    9 Adept II
    10 Adept III
    11 Elite
    12 Challenger
    13 Miniboss
    14 Forerunner
    15 Paragon
    16 Exemplar
    17 Grandmaster
    18 Big Boss
    19 MVP
    20 VIP

  • Moving up the ranks is based on your activities, for instance starting a new discussion, “Liking”, “Accepting a Solution”, “Replying”, “Tagging” and how long you’ve been a member of the community.
  • For example, to move from “Newcomer” to “Novice I”, you need to “Like” and “Tag” once, and your account must be at least 24-hours old.

    Please hang tight, as mentioned, I’ll work on some documentation and will share it with you all in the Help section when it's ready. 🙂 
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Thank you so much !! This was exactly what I was looking for!!🙂

Have you posted what the requirements for each level are?

So.... any update on this documentation? I definitely love a good ranking system and this does provide a roadmap of how to progress, but not sure if I can find anything in the help section relating to the ranking system.

Después de dos años y todavía dándote una idea de cuáles son los rangos, gracias por la información

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Thank you for the kind words @Forcexxibigbad 😊

Welcome to the Red Team Community! 

Let me, @Ashley_AMD , @blazek and anyone here know if you have any questions! And be sure to check out our newest category (a.k.a. sub-forum), the "Off Topic discussions".


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nice twitch name 😂

Adept I

I am thinking they don't want people spamming comments just to advance.

Adept II

I couldn't find the different levels anywhere on their site.

This is just like AMD, make some hardware everyone wants and then fall down on the easy part.  I don't see any description of the ranks.

But, to answer the question, I'm guessing you get to Novice III by the time you set up your profile and make your first post.  I think they intended it to be a low bar for entry, but didn't bother to explain.  Maybe someone will figure it out and post here.  Good idea starting this thread about it, though.

It is a bit more than first post, it seems to go Newcomer --> Journeyman III.     Had a similar issue with the DxO forums to be able to send a PM to someone (have to be a certain level)

I am trying to get there as well. If anyone knows exactly what to do, please share.

Journeyman III

There is a possibility they don't wish to have comments flooded with spam just for advancement .

Volunteer Moderator

It'll take a while to level up as well. 

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Adept I

Apart from posting, I don't see a way to view my current level. Do I need to post every time to see where I'm at?

I like to go to the Discussion board, comment my input / experience, boost a great thought/idea on a thread, or just participate in general. 

I believe its to encourage participation but it's one of my personal favorite forums!

hope to see ya learn somethin' and havin' fun!

rock on