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Journeyman III

New setup-how to optimize?

I just installed a 5800x and asus tuf 6800xt OC into my system.  It has a MSI x570 gaming plus motherboard (not one with vrm issues). 

To get the most out of this CPU/GPU combo what should I do?  I don’t see anything labeled curve optimizer in the BIOS. As far as the GPU goes ASUS has their own tuning software as does AMD; which to use? I’m running DDR3600 memory but want to make sure everything is in sync so what timing do I need to get it to sync with infinity fabric? 


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I would start by downloading installing the latest chipset driver from and then installing Ryzen Master.  Once Ryzen Master is installed, you should be able to use it to look at your RAM settings and make sure that "Coupled Mode" is set to on.  As long as coupled mode is on, your infinity fabric should be running at the DDR4 clock speed.


As far as the curve optimizer goes, you can find that under "AMD Overclocking" in the UEFI, and then selecting Precision Boost Overdrive.  It is usually found in that sub menu.


I have typically used the AMD Wattman section of the AMD graphics drivers to control the GPUs and not used vendor specific software.