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Adept III

My Adrenalin Wishlist

Hello and welcome to my semi-Ted Talk. I will be your host this evening, me, mwah, Marinesquirel himself. One day I'll tell you the tail of the name, but for now, this will have to suffice. 

I love Adrenalin. It allows you to fine-tune everything from one app. But there are some features that I wish it had. And if it does have it, I would like it to be easier to find or use.

1. Recommended settings. Everyone thinks their computer is hot stuff and tries to run everything beyond epic settings. But the settings aren't all the same for every game. I would love to see recommended settings for each game and have those settings automatically applied. 

2. more games detected or faster list updates. I have a lot of games. But adrenaline only shows about half of the games. I want to see more.

3. An upgraded look. "Not quite black" should never have been the next gray. We went from drab gray screens to hard to look at manilla to a black that isn't black but still called black because... reasons. It is easy to use, but The visuals don't stand out and say "This controls the monster inside". Feel free to use that in marketing. AMD RDNA3 "Monster packed".

4. The home screen. The home screen is the clunkiest looking thing I've seen in a long time. The tile method just doesn't work for it and the tutorials don't load in-app... I mean, I get it... but why not? It also opens the how-to videos on youtube. It would look better if it had a built-in tutorial section that isn't obviously a browser inside an app.

That's surprisingly it actually. It's a good piece of software that could be better. What's your wishlist?

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I want the torpedo aiming overlay in World of Warships fixed as I've only complained with each iteration since 22.5.1 with bug reports and pictures.