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Journeyman III

i did not get xbox game pass for 3 months after purchasing from newegg

Hi Guys!

I just purchased my Ryzen 5 3600 at newegg and RX 5700 XT at amazon. the sad thing is their customer support told me that their product does not include this xbox game pass. can anyone help me get one?

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Double check with customer support as from what I have been able to gather it should be available. Make sure that when you ordered it the receipt said it was included as i know every time i have orderd from newegg the invoice had the game redemption visable on the invoice. I do know that currently there is not anything on the newegg site saying that you get 3 months for buying the 3rd gen ryzen however it does have it for the 2nd gen.   from the official terms and conditions that are available, if you made the purchase before july 1st then the offer is not valid.  the official terms and conditions can be found here. Terms and Conditions - AMD Rewards 


unfortunately promotions have been changing as new video cards are coming into the market in addition to new processors

usually newegg is fairly robust with promotions

mind you the xbox pass is of dubious value