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Hypothetical Situation

Hypothetical Situation:

Imagine you work somewhere in the public like McDonald's, and you love your job so much you do it for free. You have 2 close friends who come in all the time, and the company hooks them up with free meals hundreds of times. Then one day, Burger King puts out a new sandwich, and they started making a scene in the restaurant. Bashing McDonald's saying its garbage for the money. Burger King is better. Putting you in a really awkward position, they bombard you for almost an hour. They start arguing with customers in line and your manager who is supposed to be there to defuse the situation does nothing.

What do you do ?

I burn the restaurant to the ground. All the while destroying every relationship I made at work.


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Adept II

It's okay Moho I'm fire proof so you still have a friend in me bud.


Really Dude? This is the amd developer forum Not a “Hypothetical Situation forum”

But my answer would be to not even work at McDonald’s in the first place


(we should totally make a forum for stuff like that, it would be fun)

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Wow, I didn't realize this was just a "developer" forum. I guess a lot of people who support AMD in here have to leave then as well as me since we aren't all developers. This is a forum for AMD supporters and users as well as for developers.