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Journeyman III

How to compare Anti-Lag 2 On of Off in Counter Strike 2

Hi, according to the latest blog post detailing the release of Anti Lag 2 in CS2, the instructions mention that latency can be compared between Anti Lag on vs off by holding down Right CTRL, but I dont see any difference ingame with the Latency Monitor display on. Is there supposed to be any kind of indication which tells if the feature was successfully toggled or not?


Side note - with AL2 turned off in settings, holding right CTRL caps the FPS to 120.




Ryzen 5 7600

RX 7800XT

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Adept III

What is anti lag 2 in AMD? is just "flip queue size 0?" like in nvidia reflex boost? Becouse if inteed it is then u can change it for last 20 years. 

Journeyman III

我是78x3d 6750xt 在创意工坊里跑满了fps 然后我fps max500fps 显示是2ms 按住右ctrl 后显示是2.5ms

Journeyman III

Hi there,

I’ve dealt with a similar issue and found a few steps that helped:

  1. Ensure Anti-Lag 2 is Enabled:

    • Open Radeon Settings and confirm that Anti-Lag 2 is turned on.
  2. Use Right CTRL to Toggle:

    • In-game, hold down the Right CTRL key. You won't see a visual indicator, but the key difference will be in the latency values displayed on the Latency Monitor.
  3. Observe Latency Monitor:

    • While holding Right CTRL, check the Latency Monitor. The latency values should drop, indicating that Anti-Lag 2 is active. When you release the key, the latency should return to its previous value.
  4. Driver Updates:

    • Make sure your Radeon drivers are fully updated. Sometimes, older drivers can cause issues with new features.
  5. Verify Settings:

    • Double-check that AL2 is turned off in your game settings if you’re testing its impact.

When I held Right CTRL, I noticed the latency values decrease, confirming that Anti-Lag 2 was active. If the latency values don't change, try reinstalling the drivers from the AMD website or using the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) tool to cleanly reinstall them.


This should help you determine if Anti-Lag 2 is functioning correctly.