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How AMD screwed themselves and their enthusiast customers

I have been buying AMD cpus and gpus for many years now. But they have destroyed any brand loyalty I had for them since they bent over and gave 90% of their 7nm TSMC silicon wafers to console production for PlayStation 5 and Xbox.  That is one hundred per cent of the reason that I and millions of other enthusiasts can not buy a 5000 series Ryzen cpu or a 6000 series gpu. AMD has produced well over 6.3 million apus for consoles and only a bit over 1 million 5000 series cpus , Can't buy an RX 6800 XT gpu or a Ryzen 5900X cpu though I have the funds available for months now.  AMD is not transparent with us about this SUPPLY issue. They took on far many deals with APU's than they could handle and still efficiently produce sufficient  cpu and gpu customer demand. They should have built the apus on Samsung 6 or 5nm mode so they would have sufficient TSMC 7nm wafers for enthusiast customers. Instead they allocated 90%of their silicon wafers for lower margin gaming consoles and screwed us over. I do NOT have the words I can say publicly to describe my utter contempt for Lisa Su's arrogance  towards us and empty platitudes she is throwing our way. The situation will not get significantly better in the second quarter. I really hope Intel makes a quantum leap in their discreet gpu performance, so that in the next year I will vote wit my dollars to punish AMD for their short term stupdity with SONY and Xbox by tying up t he vast majority of their 7nm wafers from TSMC at lower profit margins than they would have gotten by selling its production to their Ryzen 5000 series and RX 6000 series cpu and gpu enthusiast customers. 

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Adept III

Well AMD is trying to bang too many girls at the same time and day has only 24 hours. They launched desktop CPUs, laptop APUs, console APUs, GPUs, and server CPUs at the same time without having their own fabs... Only someone with IQ below 70 could not predict that they, AMD, will be sucking at all fronts.

Well Korinogaro that is exactly my point. Only an overly ambitious plan taking on more than they could possibly handle could land AMD in this unenviable position of crapping on their enthusiast base that kept them in the game with  both Intel and Nvidia even when their products were sub-par. I am not cutting them any slack on this. I want to see what corrective measures they take to increase their wafer share. I can only see putting some of their product line on Samsung as a way to free up more 7nm silicon. If it does not happen in the next 4 months or so. I won't be enduring AMD's lies and lack of transparency. Like I said hopefully Intel takes a leap forward with their graphics and cpu products so we will have more competition and choices in the enthusiast space. Shame on Lisa Su.    How I feel emotionally about them I can't say as I would be resorting to 4 letter words.


Depends on the CPU.  I have seen both the 5600X and 5800X fairly frequently at my local shop.  But yeah, the GPUs and the 5900X and 5950X are still pretty hard to track down.


I am not interested in a 6 or 8 core product. I have 12 core Ryzen 3900X and would like an upgrade to a 12 core 5900X. I have been looking everywhere including the AMD web site to no avail. I also will not be paying a scalper for $200 to $300 extra for the product. Most of them do NOT have the product either and will keep you on virtual waiting line. Screw them also. If anyone has a clue what time of the day is best to search I would appreciate. I can't and won't sit at a computer screen for hours on end hitting the F5 key to refresh. I have alife fortunately . I won't sell my soul  to AMD.

May as well just wait until the Warhol refresh at this point.  Most people who bought Vermeer likely won't jump up to Worhol since this IPC improvement likely won't be that big.  In the meantime, I imagine that Matisse CPU will continue to work well in just about every scenario.


If they produced only 1 mil CPUs and yet so many of them come defective from the factory, just think the number of mad customers there would have been if they would have produced a lot more CPUs.

So, if you are mad you could not purchase one, I am telling you: be happy you did not land a crappy 5000 CPU to fk up your day.

I have not heard of a high failure rate on the 5900X and 5950X processors. it is Highly unlikely since the node is the same as the 3000 series processors.



Just search for 5950X whea or 5950X reboots
Replace 5950X with any other 5000.
Just a small sample here

That does not mean it is a hardware defect , why do you presume so??? It could be a bios defect.

If Warhol is not on am4 I am not interested in investing in another $350 motherboard. Who says the supply situation will be rectified by that time.


Warhol is still AM4.  It will be followed in 2022 by Raphael which will not be.  I imagine things will be tamed down quite a bit, as I mentioned I don't expect that many Zen3 customers will make the jump to Zen3+.  Similar to Zen and Zen+, quite a few users with Zen processors skipped Zen+ and then moved up with Zen2.


Sounds like you have a lot of "science" behind your prognostication. I will remain skeptical if you do not mind.

Will there also be a refresh of  of Rx6000 with RDNA 3 in the 4th quarter??? Will it still be on 7nm or 5nm?? Will there be an inadequate supply of wafers on 5nm TSMC??? Apple is already on 5nm TSMC and NVidia has ordered some 5nm wafers possibly on TSMC.

Still on 7nm for worhol.

Why would the RX 6000 series be refreshed with RDNA3?  Wouldn't that be the RX 7000 series?  

You are correct. Especially since they can't produce a significant amount to begin with. 

Yesterday, my local Microcenter listed stock at 25+ units for all four Vermeer processors.  By the time I got there mid day, there were plenty of 5600X and 5800X and even 15 or so 5950X but no 5900X left.  I think you are likely interested in the most popular model.  I see there are four 5900X available right now, if I do manage to snag one I can send it your way.  But it does look like shipments are ramping up.  That was the largest single drop I have seen at my local store yet.  

Adept II

While I don't take any of this personal, I have to agree AMD did not do this right. The low allocation for the PC gaming segment seems an odd choice. Sure!...the console manufacturers would have made guarantees but the AMD core audience has always been PC driven. They were always going to go away with a bad taste once they found out that they'd been passed over. Having planned a serious look at AMD for my GPU needs this time out...after years of using the competition's products, I patiently waited after the Nvidia 3000 series was announced. I actually had an opportunity to buy one of the RTX3080 FE cards early on but rejected it in favor of waiting for the 6800XT. That now seems to have been a very bad choice since months in, I still cannot buy one. Guess I will wait now for either Nvidia's stock to normalize or for Intel to produce something decent.

I feel your pain there.  I actually also had an opportunity at the 3090 FE when NVidia did the store dump to Best buy, but I went for it.  In this market it is better to just snag whatever is available. 

I normally had purchased AMD GPUs, but NVidia was better on the pro application side this time.  I also got one of the Ryzen 8 5950X that was available at my local store.  No scalpers paid.  Now I'm just waiting on the EK block for the 3090 FE.


On the plus side, with etherium 2.0 moving to a proof 0f stake vs proof of work system, a lot of these large mining rigs will be completely superfluous.   So we may see a lot less demand in the market for GPUs for mining.