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Graphics card availability?

Hello people. Does anyone have an idea of when a AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT Graphics Card (or anything that would work with my iMac, even the 5000 series) might be available? I desperately need one so I can (hopefully) use redshift in Cinema 4D on my iMac. Last week I had a live chat with Kaleb, from South Dakota, who was very helpful. He told me to check the site on Thursday between around 11:30 - 3:00, and that for the previous two Thursdays the site was restocked at around the same time. So I checked, and they did become available at around 1pm, but I couldn’t get one. I think the site was overloaded with users. So today I tried again. I sat at my computer and refreshed the page every 20 seconds for 4 hours. All this week I’ve been checking the site to see if the chat might become available. And it never did. Does anyone know, is there a certain day of the week when the site might be restocked? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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AMD why you're neglecting us as users that have the right to get a gpu card? 

Why don't you have a queue?

Do you expect us to stay online 24/2 to may have a chance to buy a card which will vanish it less than 3mins by bots? 


Figure something for us, please.

Yes, doing something for us would be nice.

AMD, if you're listening, can you please help us? Maybe come up with a queue  or some kind of a lottery/wait list system?

If you did something like that, there’s no doubt that people around the world would truly appreciate it, hold you as a company in high regard, and remember you well for it. And isn’t that what we all want? To be remembered well?

Oh, and thank you for producing all these excellent products.


Creatives & Visual humans of planet earth.


AMD reorganized the cpus to the top again.

What are you doing AMD, could it be a midnight drop, say it is so.

Or in preparation for Friday drop again.



Reorganisation to update the daily prices


Don't dream. They haven t send product from friday restock yet


Just BestBuy on-line for the 27th. You'll want to ne signed in to a BestBuy account and use PayPal for fast checkout. Do not refresh, I recommend having the cards you are interested in added to your cart page as saved for later (or something like that) so you can just watch for the greyed out add to cart button to change to yellow, then click on it just once. Then you have to wait for the button to change again so you can add to cart or buy now, this is hoe BestBuy has thwarted the bots. If buy now is an option use it because if anyone else is trying to buy the same card from the same store whoever checks out first wins. They release stock slowly so if you don't get it on the first try keep trying until it is obvious stock is all gone. For info on drop dates go to fixitfxitfixit's live stock checker on YouTube and type "!bestbuy" (no quotes) in the live chat and a bot will answer with info.

As for Microcenter the best way is to be in line as early as possible before they open, even at  4am people will be there waiting. I've been told my local store in Cambridge, MA best days at a chance there for stock is Tuesdays and Thursdays, but every location is different. If you do try ask an employee in the BYOPC department if a shipment is expected that day and which days of the week is best for stock.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Great! Thanks! That does help. 🙂



When you say "Do not refresh, I recommend having the cards you are interested in added to your cart page as saved for later..."

Do you mean don't refresh at all? like never? I will try to add cards to my cart/saved items, but then I guess I'd just be watching them there, and would be very tempted to refresh, or look on the main page...(?) 😕


If all the items you want are on the same page there is no need to refresh, the add to cart "button" will change color/text automatically. I usually have another tab open if I want to look around, but staying on your cart page watching saved items is best because getting the item into you cart and paying faster somebody else trying to buy the same item is necessary. 


Excellent! Thanks!


Every Thursday is a dropping day....

But you can buy only 6700 xt or 6800 or 6900 xt

6800 xt and the midnight black are defective goods


There has been drops also at Wednesday and Friday.  So it's not only Thursday. Also the drop time has changed


That was only 1xtimes.

Dopping day is every Thursday.

Last Thursday i got again a card.

RX 6900 XT.


When the 6700xt was launched there were 2 drops in 1 wekks.on tuesday and wednesday




For more than 2 months I never managed to see a single Gpu in the store. Only Cpus I found and manage to put into the cart.

This is not fair from AMD. 💔


I have seen and added GPU's to cart, did CC or PP information, then got to the Submit order screen and then kicked back to product page with nothing in cart.

But I keep trying and trying just like I did for the CPU and eventually I will succeed.

You here me AMD,  you cant keep me down, now show me the cards and make them 6800XT or better.


I wanted the 6800XT reference.

It was the card which held the most intrigue of all the new cards for me...not 3070 or 3080...heck not even 3090 or 6900XT.

I sold my GTX1080Ti Duke and a bunch of other stuff on ebay ahead of it's release and stuck the funds in a PayPal account... hoping to buy one on the day of release.

Sadly, they don't seem to exist.

I haven't seen one for sale. I don't know a single person who was able to buy one.

If Intel's DG2 gets released and it has decent specs, I will buy that instead.

I can't wait forever for this card if I ever want to use my VR headset again.


Today, in 90 min is drop....

be quickly..


Hi people, 

Well, incredibly, I got very lucky last week walking in to Micro Center in Brooklyn and was able to get a 6900 XT. I've put it into a Razer Core X, but all that happens when I power on is the fan in the Core X starts to move. Nothing else. I've been in touch with Razer - haven't heard back yet. And now I'm having trouble finding a driver on the AMD site (not ever sure if I need one..(?). Does anyone know where it could be found? 


over there is the new driver...

What is your PSU?

Recommended is 850W



Thanks - but it looks like only drivers for windows at that link. I'm on a 2017 iMac.

PSU is 650W. 


your PSU is low...

min.750W needed


Around what time? CET if possible.

Thanks in advance


my glassball is currently in maintenance


every time the same **bleep**. dropped and no chance for normal users. can be found minutes later for double the price on ebay. there are so many opertunities to change this from amd, but they are not interested in their real customers. thats not fair and i am frustrated as hell.


i could bet that amd employes reading this forum rofl when they read our frustrating posts and think "these stupid customers"


you have chance to get a card.... google is your best friend


I think part of it is not getting greedy either, I wanted a 6800xt but couldn't get one and ending up getting a 6700xt on the AMD store, its really fast and meets my needs just fine, they are also easier to get then the higher end cards. But I do agree the bots and scalpers seem to win for the most part, a queue system would help but just like evga the wait in the queue is months. so no easy solution, I hope you guys get your cards and good luck.


you have no chance for 6800 xt...

AMD will sell the best card the 6900xt and the 6700 xt...



forget it to get a chance to buy a gpu



i have buyed two cards..already..

1 for me 1 for my brother...

6900xt,and not for scalper prices...


I've been waiting since yesterday a never find a single GPU tell now. 

Only all CPUs were available. 😠


LoL "since yesterday" i think you have to be more patient.  xD


Lads, after some digging I found out that restocks happen at 5-6pm CET every Thursdays



The drop times are already known. 



Todays Drop was half an hour late and only contained the following:

Ryzen 7 5800X, Ryzen 9 5900X, RX 6700XT, RX 6800, RX 6900XT


Iam guessing they put the 6800XT's on hold because of Hardware Level issues


I briefly saw a 5950x listed and like any other time was unable to add it to my cart.  Maybe one day I'll be on my personal computer when it drops so I can have a chance of getting it.


Actually todays drop included the 5600x, 5800x, 5900x, 5950x, 6700xt and 6800.

No 6800xt or 6900xt were dropped today.


300x 6900xt 

300x 6900

300x 6700xt