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Get more frames with RSR!

Hi all, for those who may not know - Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) is powered by FSR and is ideal for any game where FSR may not be present. With RSR enabled, you may be able to get more more performance and fluidity from your gameplay for a more fine-tuned experience.

Check out the video for info on how to enable RSR!

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This is awesome.

I wonder though if you are running it on 1080p can you reduce the resolution and RSR will upscale? Most of the examples talk about upscaling to 4K or 1440P

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**Double post, couldn't edit my last 😞 **

I think I figured out my own question, either because of my RX480 or because I'm using a 1080p monitor but I don't have the RSR option 😞


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I'll get even more frames with your 6900 XT, Ms. Ashley. Let's trade! =D

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As Radeon Image Sharpening is not yet compatible with HDR, I find that in some games there can be a benefit to using HDR in combination with RSR.

Once RSR is enabled, I run a native resolution of 3840x2160 @120HZ on the desktop and in game I drop the resolution to 3200x1800.

This enables RSR and the image sharpening pass. I now have HDR enabled, image sharpening (for improved quality) and the FPS boost from running 3840x2160 > 3200x1800. The difference in quality in not that noticeable, thanks to the sharpening pass adding lost detail from the lower resolution, and I have extra FPS to boot. 


I -particular like running this in Warzone.


Recently, I was shown how to get RSR working in Windows Minecraft, the game doesn't allow you to change the resolution in client. For games/programs like this, you have to change the resolution in your windows settings to what you want to upscale from, then just open the game and it upscales to the max resolution of your monitor.

It's quite nice to be able to use my 4k monitor without blurring from running at 1080p to get decent frames with RT on. Definitely not what I've come to expect, quality wise, but substantially better.

Hoping quite a bit for FSR 2.0 support for the title in the near future (~6 months)

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