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Game On AMD | 6/5 - 7/1









Hey, Red Team

We're kicking off summer here with Game On AMD, a limited-time sales event loaded with savings on AMD Ryzen™ CPUs (including the Ryzen 9 7900X3D gaming processor with 3D V-Cache technology) and AMD Radeon™ GPUs from June 5th - July 1st.

You'll also find bundle deals on Star Wars: Jedi Survivor™ + select AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series CPUs and Resident Evil™ 4 + select AMD Radeon™ RX GPUs. We'll be providing updates to game news and these deals over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for our posts to stay in the loop of everything going on during Game On AMD!



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GameOnAMD is a great time!

Especially with Diablo 4 released - this is a great way to kick off June!

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I got Jedi Survivor with my either the Ryzen 7600 or the RX 7900XT that purchased recently .. still need to play it though 😟

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Some good deals!

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I just received my 7800x3d yesterday, but have no SWJS game or info, which definitely contributed to my choice even though I preferred residential evil but fingers crossed it will come with my GPU. So I guess it was by a little bit but nonetheless it was part of. Any info or help recovering the rest of my purchase? P.S.(tmi😂) Virgin pc gamer/builder.


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Do we know what is the game that will be added to AMD cards in July? I just got the 6650 XT but am slightly more inclined to get the 7600 now - and I can still send the card back, so I am wondering if I shall do it still in June (not a big fan of Resident Evil 4) or wait until July...