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FSR 3 | Forspoken & Immortals of Aveum Giveaway!


If you’ve been living under a rock (or immersed in the world of games like Starfield or Baldur’s Gate 3 like I was) you’ll be happy to know that AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 3 is now available for both Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum™.

To celebrate, we’re giving away 5 game codes of EACH game (5 for Forspoken and 5 for Immortals of Aveum)! Starting today, Oct. 5, and ending on Oct. 13 at 12 PM CST, you can reply to this post with which of the two games you’d love to play with AMD FSR 3 enabled. (Note: Game keys will randomly be given away to randomly selected winners.)

Forspoken and Immortals logos.png

 In addition to this, we wanted to give you a few recommendations for the best settings to use with AMD FSR 3 now that it’s out and how you can turn it on in both games. So, continue reading below to learn how you can get the most out of our cutting-edge open-source FSR upscaling technology, and good luck to those who enter!


Frame Pacing and Recommended VSync Settings

It is recommended to use AMD FSR 3 with VSync, as when enabled, frame pacing relies on the expected refresh rate of the monitor for a consistent high-quality gaming experience. Additionally, it is recommended that Enhanced Sync is disabled in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition™ settings, as it can interfere with frame pacing logic.


Recommendations for Frame Generation Use

 When using AMD FSR 3 frame generation with any upscaling quality mode OR with the new “Native AA” mode, it is highly recommended to be always running at a minimum of ~60 FPS before frame generation is applied for an optimal high-quality gaming experience and mitigate any latency introduced by the technology.


How to Enable AMD FSR 3 in Supported Games



In Forspoken, the AMD FSR 3 settings are found in the “Graphics” tab of the settings menu. To change the FSR modes and turn on frame generation the “Image Quality Presets” must be set to “CUSTOM”.

Immortals of Aveum


In Immortals of Aveum, the AMD FSR 3 settings are found in the “Display” tab of the settings menu.

1 Solution
Community Manager

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter! 

Congratulations to the winners: @Hiramabiff @SudoPro @gotgrant @Aria__ @venaur @wildcard1978 @baoshun @Lordubuntu @DivineBeauty @mellerwang 

You either received a PM from myself, or an email from Be sure to check your spam!

Cheers 🙂 

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143 Replies
Adept III

I would love to play Immortals of Aveum with an AMD FSR 3. 


I would like to try Immortals of Aveum with my brand new AMD build! 

Adept II

Would like to try out the immortals game!

Adept I

My choice is Immortals of Aveum

Yeah, Immortals of Aveum is at least somewhat decent.

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Adept II

Starfield for one, so the cities don’t feel so painful to traverse and number two…..hmmmmm….. Hogwarts Legacy probably (or Red Dead 2 coz it’s awesome).

Adept I

I would love to play immortals of aveum with fsr3, I just got a new pc (amd gpu and cpu) and I wanna try some new games on it

Would love to try immortals of aveum

Adept II

Lets DO IT!

Adept I

I think I'd like either but for this I'll pick Immortals of Aveum to play

Journeyman III

Can it really almost quadruple FPS?

Adept I

Immortals of Aveum


I would like to play Immortals, but honestly if I needed the maximum FSR support - it would be in Fall Guys so I can make sure to throw @Wally_AMD or @Amber_AMD off the map without problems 😉

**Canadian Gamer & Father -** - Live Wed & Fri at 8:00pm PST - Come join!

 If I win I'd like check out FSR3 in Immortals of Aveum.

Cool giveaway. Thank you for all these giveaways. 

Adept III

I'd love to play Immortals of Aveum with AMD FSR 3 enabled. Nice giveaway, AMD and Red Team! 

Adept I

I would like to try Immortals of Aveum, but whatever I get, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

RYZEN 5 5600 & RX 6600
Adept II

CP 2077 + MS Filight Simulator

I really like FSR 3 Native AA + AFMF so far.

Adept I

I have to chose just one game? Haha, the immortals one looks great, cinematic wise. But both look fun to play. Leaning more towars immortals than forspoken.

Adept III

Definitely interested to see how Immortals of Aveum plays with FSR 3

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Adept I

immortal of aveum

Adept I

I would like to have Immortals of Aveum to play around with FSR 3 + Frame Gen on my 7900XTX Red Devil Limited Edition would be a really great present if I ever win this giveaway since my Birthday is just a few days away which is on October 8! 

Adept I

Thank you for the giveaway!!! I’d love to play Forspoken with AMD FSR 3 enabled 🙂

Adept III

I’d love to play Forspoken with AMD FSR 3 enabled! Thanks for the chance!


I, for one, would love to play Immortals of Aveum with AMD FSR 3 enabled.

Adept I

I'd love Immortals of Avernum!  As I already have Forsaken!  FSR3 is Schmexy!

Adept II

Forspoken looks like it would be fun for me.


Adept II

Man, I tell you what Immortals looks good, but in the list of upcoming games, I saw Starship Troopers,

Now we all know that most video game movies are pretty bad, but theres something about seeing a game about a childhood movie my parents should have never let me see in theaters at the age of 9 which really takes me back.

Especially as the movie holds up so well today in its ridiculous ultra fascist views on everything.

Its a tale as old as time. The Only good bug is a dead bug.


I would love to see FSR 3 in something like Starfield where it'd make the most difference. It'd also be great to see in Red Dead Redemption 2 just to see how much more performance and fidelity it can squeeze out of it; I have a new build to get started on so hopefully I can try them all out as soon as it's finished!

Adept II

I would love to play Immortals of Aveum with AMD fs3 enabled 😁

Journeyman III

Carrom Pool or 8 ball pool

Journeyman III

i would like to play immortals with fsr 3, im interested to see how it handles all the particle effects 🤔

Adept II

Both games' trailers look good, but I think I'd be more likely to play Forspoken.

Adept I

Thank you guys for putting this together I'm excited to try out FSR3 and hope to see it in more games in the future ❤️

P.s. preference is Immortals of Aveum 😉

Adept II

When I first saw Immortals of Aveum it looked fun.  Gonna need something after Starfield.

Volunteer Moderator

I don't have a 7000 series card, so I am unsure if I can use FSR 3, but dang it I want to play Immortals Of Aveum. 

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Adept I

Forspoken for me, thx

Adept I

Immortals of Aveum looks cool.

Journeyman III

I would like to play Immortals of Aveum with AMD FSR 3 on!


One Immortals of Aveum, please! (To be honest, I'd be fine with Forspoken too)