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from old rx 280 to vega to present? amdfirerays, radeonrays1-4.0, radeonraysnext, now AMD prorender2

how good does it feel to simulate reality and use beyond regular ray tracing realtime rendering of your games for somewhat very life like netflix movies and youtube and gameplay with things like FULLVOLUMEFULLSPECTRUMTRACEDPATHWAYS TRUELIGHT and TRUEREALITY .. trillions of resolution on like your years old AMD mobile phone GPU in say an LG V60 or other snapdragon devices like samsung or xiaomi or you know imported mobile phones from USA and china. Or theres the feeling of seeing your characters nostrils flaring as they intake air or getting sweaty as you fight if you spam lots of jumps and kicks rapidly entire fight in say tekken and its a desert stage or in mortal kombat 11 maybe? 

so with AMD having supported realtime ray traced rendering in the playstation 4 and probably was 'available' in the ps3 but wasnt quite 'ready' at the time as nvidia's current RTX cards just 'arent ready for ray tracing yet and its probably a waste of money'. what games or apps have you been using that you think clean up nicely and look better when enabling modern rendering and ray tracing techniques and setting thousands of times the imagequality and resolution and beyond ultra? I've a radeon 5700XT and a ryzen 5700G CPU i also have a 5600x ryzen which i swapped for the 5700G as its 100 times faster.



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