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Journeyman III

equivalent to Nvidia Game Filters coming?

Hi, i was wondering if there is coming an equivalent to the Nvidia Game Filters, as the AMD Filters are not as usefull.

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Adept I

I just built an all AMD system and I am having the same thought... I am REALLY missing the Nvidia filters! I hope AMD has something similar coming because I can't find any way to make my games look how I want them with the latest drivers.

To be honest, I am pretty bummed about the Radeon software as a whole. I started using it with an open mind and positive thinking that I would learn to use it and get used to it, but it is just not as nice as Nvidia's solution.

My past few systems have been Nvidia based and I am having some second thoughts/buyers remorse after spending $800+ on this 6800 XT.

If I remember correctly it was software issues and driver issues that stopped me from using AMD way back in 2008.

Come on AMD, make us proud!