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E3 2023 Cancelled?

It appears E3 2023 is cancelled, after many companies cancelled appearances. The E3 site has yet to reflect this. Sega, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Nintendo, Playstation, and many more pulled out, while other representatives of gaming companies were not sure if the companies they represent would attend. Usually by this time E3 plans are being set in stone and the event would be nearly ready to happen. 

Many were looking forward to a return of in person events in the gaming industry especially E3. While I don't attend conventions like these it does put a damper on my plans to, at the very least, watch the event online. 

It seems the individual companies that were to attend are planning their own showcases for each company. An example would be something like Play Station's State of Play. 

How do you feel about the apparent cancellation? Did you attend in the past?

Do you think E3 will continue in future years as companies continue to host their own events rather than attend the convention?

I personally hope E3 does return in 2024, however it does not seem they can. Many say the outcome of the event this year was going to determine what was to come.


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I've never attended an E3, but its so sad and lame how its gonna meet its end. While it has been on very thin ice the last few years, Covid gave it the KO. Such a real shame, but Big Corp always win.

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It really sucks to hear this, not that I was planning to go to E3 or trying to go to E3 this year - but it just means that the chance of going to ANY E3 just became that much less likely.

If they had kept a digital E3, then the writing might be less on the wall that E3 in its entirely might be retired.

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