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Journeyman III

Did anyone else have LESS THAN A MINUTE on the queue timer and then have the sale end?

This is the second week I've attempted to get in and buy a graphics card. Last week, my timer had like 15 minutes left when the queue closed. Today, I was at "less than a minute" and it paused. I'm so mad 😞  Currently operating with no graphics card at all because my old one burned out... Is the queue just a sham?

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Adept I

I've never made it to check out. Tried early tried late no go so far. sham not a clue I can understand your irritation be that close.

They should have that voice captcha in the queue that was cool

It's never to late,,unless your dead
Journeyman III

Yeah, unfortunately for the foreseeable future it will be very difficult to get in on sales. Limited supply and high demand means the sale pages will do that a lot. 


Hopefully with the 3050 entering the market, more people will run to that and give us opportunities to purchase our AMD cards.

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Adept I

Dang that sucks to hear. I can’t believe the graphics card problems are still as bad as they are 

Adept I

Yes, noticed this too.  There are too many people using bots and programs to generate hundreds of queues per person and carting out at lightning speed.

I just don't understand why they don't have a better system in place. With all the ai and machine learning capabilities, you'd think they could figure out who's scamming the system with bots by now.

Journeyman III

I have tried countless times to get through the queue, and always met with site crash or out of stock disappoinment.

Adept III

What type of CPU are you currently running, and would it be worth an upgrade? If so, an APU may be an option for now.

This madness we are living in right now will not go away for at least another 6 months, if not more. As awful as it is, that may be the fastest option to finding a way to have graphics again, for now at least.

Alternatively, do you live close to a Micro Center? They tend to have some GPUs in stock at all times. Ours in Houston has a ton of 6900XTs for sale, out of my price range at $ 1,650, but still, they are there at least I guess.